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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MyBlogLog Released Two New Widgets to Embed The Latest Updates From 'New with Me' Into Your Site

Today MyBlogLog released two new widgets that make it easy to embed the latest updates from New with Me into your site as either a sidebar on your main template or mega, in-page widget which is designed to sit in the body section of your About Me page.

The idea is that as you publish stuff across the web, MyBlogLog busily pulls this stuff  imagein and serves it up to your readers. Your site remains fresh and even if you have been too busy to post anything your New with Me widget will take care of letting your readers know what else you've been up to. For an example of the in page widget in action, check out my About Me page.

The New with Me option is perfect for your blog's About Me page or sidebar where you can let people know what you've been up to. You also have the option to publish your New with My Neighborhood updates on their own or together in a tab so you can show off what your MyBlogLog contacts are up to as well.

MyBlogLog provides you fine-grained control over which services you want to see on your New with Me badge. If you've listed it in your Services tab, it will give you a checkbox to include or exclude updates from that service. You may want to just share your last.fm tracks and delicious bookmarks but are not keen on putting in every last tweet or all your blog comments - the choice is yours.


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