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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mixx Puts Breaking News In To Social Media

image The Mixx announced “Breaking News” category today. When a big story hits, any of the Super Mixxers can tag it as “Breaking.” You’ll find these stories on the right-hand side of both the “Popular” and “News” categories. You can also subscribe to “Breaking News” on YourMixx. If nothing appears in these spaces, don’t panic! Mixx is not broken; it’s just a slow news day.

Here’s how it works:

  • Only Super Mixxers can tag a story as “Breaking.” If you haven’t achieved Super Mixxer status, just keep Mixxing: add great content, vote and comment—you’ll get there! (For more info, check out the Super Mixxer FAQ.)
  • It takes two to Mixx a Breaking News story. Two Super Mixxers, that is.
  • Only a limited number of stories can be in the Breaking News category at any one time, and only for a limited time.
  • Once a Breaking News story gets enough votes, it will move over to “Popular,” and to any other category with which it was tagged (entertainment, politics, science, etc.).
  • Right now, only text stories can be marked as “Breaking,” but you will find this capability for photos and videos soon.


If there is breaking news on a day, the Mixxer who submitted in the highest vote-getting bit of breaking news will get a brand new award: the News Hound award News Hound award. You can check the Mixx Lounge daily to see who the News Hound with the biggest scoop was!

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