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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lefora Offers Free Forum Hosting

image We all use various forums one and another way, either to get solution of some problems or to provide solutions to someone looking for help. Forum are becoming more and more popular these days. Lefora is a company that offers free forum hosting service. It's not only free, but there is no limit or restriction on the amount of posts or members in your forum.


Easy to Get Started : Just a few clicks to get the discussion started on our free forum hosting service

  • FREE - Yes, we said free. No limit on the amount of posts or members in your forum.
  • Quick & Easy - With just a click your free forum will be created - it's that simple.
  • Forum Hosting - No downloads, no setup - you don't have to do any work.
  • Customizable - Choose from our different themes or create your own.

Spend Less Time Supporting and Moderating : Community Moderation and Anti-Spam support

  • Community Moderation - Members thumb posts up and down.
  • No SPAM! - Allow anonymous posts; we will catch the spam for you.
  • Content from the start - To kick start your free forum, we'll pull in blog posts and photos from around the web on topics of your choosing.
  • RSS - Check you forum activity from new posts to new members, anywhere.

Get Promoted : Email Notifications, RSS, Newsletters, and Search Engine (SEO) friendly

  • Get to the top of Google - We make your site SEO friendly to get it to the top of all the search engines.
  • Create a COMMUNITY - With our automatic newsletters, notifications, and cross forum advertising, we drive people to your free forum.
  • Notifications - Members get an email notification of responses to their posts.
  • Newsletters - Automatic bi-weekly email of hot topics & new members.
  • Widgets - Embed the latest talk activity of your forum on any site (like MySpace).

Provide a Better Experience for your Community Members : Videos, Photos, Threaded Discussions, Unread Tracking and Rich Text Editors

  • Multimedia - Embed photos and videos with ease, just copy and paste.
  • Threaded Comments - Makes for easier to follow and deeper topics of conversation.
  • Social Forums - Member profiles generated from the topics they participate in.
  • Hottest Topics - We balance popularity and freshness, to bring you the hottest topics in your forum.
  • Forum Search - Actually FIND what you are looking for in your forum.
  • Unread Message Tracking - Quickly see what's new since your last visit.
  • WYSIWYG - (What You See Is What You Get) Rich Text Editors allow you to SEE your formatting changes as you type.

Check out an example forum that i have created for testing purpose.


History in their own language

"The Lefora Team got fed up with the lack of features available in message boards, such as vbulletin and phpbb forums. We use them everyday, from art forums, to game forums, to tech forums - we couldn't get over just how old school they were. Something needed to be done! So we created a free forum hosting service.

We've taken our development experiences and put them together to create what we believe is how discussions should happen on the web. Our forums are social, engaging, easy to use, free, and most importantly - fun. We dread things like clicking through multiple pages, not being able to filter out annoying posters, dealing with spam, the necessity to create an account just to make a quick comment, staring at butt-ugly templates, never getting notified of responses to our questions, not being able to embed YouTube videos... The list just keeps going on, we're sure you're familiar with our complaints.

We also know how hard it has been up until now to find a simple forum hosting provider. It takes just a few clicks to get a blog going; why can't a forum hosting be that way?

We provide free forum hosting, the forum software, forum installation, and promotion of your forum."

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