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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Add Awesome Photos to Your Wordpress Blog using Photo Dropper

image There is no doubt that adding images to your blog post will take your blog to the new level. There are many advantages of adding images to your blog posts. No doubt that it will help in attracting the visitors as well as bring some good amount of traffic. This is one of the most effective ways to enhance your blog and attract attention to your writing.


However it is important that your post contains good quality images. When it comes to finding great quality images, you basically have 3 options: stealing, buying, or using Creative Commons-licensed photos. The first can get you into serious legal trouble, the second costs money (which probably you don't want), so #3 is often the most attractive.

We all know that Flickr is one of the best resource to find great images. Flickr has millions of Creative Commons licensed photos available in its database.

With the Photo Dropper plugin, you can now search millions of Flickr photos and add them to your Wordpress posts with just 1 click, all without leaving your Wordpress dashboard.

This plugin simplifies the entire process of finding and adding incredible Flickr images to your posts (just like the one below).


Creative Commons License photo credit: MumbleyJoe

Attribution links (as shown above) are automatically added underneath the images to comply with the Creative Commons license rules. It’s the easiest way to add photos to your blog. Period. And best of all - it’s Free!

If you run a commercial blog, please be sure to go to Options > Photo Dropper and check the box that says “Show only photos that can be used commercially” which will exclude photos marked non-commercial. You should always check the specific CC license on the source page before posting since you’re ultimately responsible for adhering to the license. Yeah, it can be a little confusing. See this article for a better explanation.

You can get this Wordpress plug-in from here.

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