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Monday, January 14, 2008

Update to Zoho Wiki : Page Level Permissions, Navigation Tree & Japanese/Chinese UI

image There are few changes/updates to Zoho Wiki announced today. Previously, you could only share the whole of a Wiki to a set of people. With this new update, you can make the permission setting at the page level. You can now set Read or Write permissions for each page in a Wiki (and this overrides the Wiki level setting). Suppose you have a Group Wiki which is accessible to only a set of people and not to the general public, you can make a particular page in that Wiki to be accessible by all. You can also set permissions for posting of comments as well.

Page names can now be changed (only page titles could be changed before). And the pages listed in the side panel can now be expanded/collapsed.

Japanese & Chinese UI options got added in addition to English. By default, the UI is auto-set to that of the browser and it can be changed under ‘Settings’. More language UIs to be added in the upcoming updates.

Words in CamelCase and HTTP URLs were auto-linked by default. On popular request from many our users, this has now been made an option. You can choose whether you want the CamelCase words & http:// links to be linked or not.

The Wiki Administrator can now choose to receive mails once a page gets edited or commented upon. Feedback mails can now easily be sent to the Wiki owner. To control spam, the feedback mail form is captcha protected.

Check the Slideshow.

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