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Sunday, January 20, 2008

ScheduleOnce : FREE Service for Scheduling Any Meeting, Anytime, Anywhere

ScheduleOnce is a dead-simple web 2.0 service that helps you find a time for your meeting with absolute accuracy across all time zones and daylight saving changes. The service is specifically designed for those hard-to-schedule meetings with multiple time zones, many invitees and different calendar systems.

ScheduleOnce is based on a patent-pending method that converts timeframes with absolute accuracy across any combination of time zones and daylight saving changes. When scheduling meetings with ScheduleOnce you can rest assured that all invitees receive the correct time, anytime in the year and anywhere on the globe.

Regardless of the calendar system you use, ScheduleOnce can make your meetings quick and easy to schedule.

Schedule conference calls, webinars or any type of event. ScheduleOnce does not require registration, is completely web-based and FREE for anyone!

Below is a quick introduction about the service:

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