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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My New Startup : SmashingFeeds.com


Kicking off this new year 2008 by launching my new and first start-up 'SmashingFeeds'. Website became live today afternoon onwards.

This site is all about displaying feeds of your interest from various news/blog sources. This site uses Google AJAX feed API for feed creation and management.

Though Google Reader is my favorite and i m using it since long time, i am not much confortable with. Also other feed aggregators didn't attract me. I was thinking a way to manage feeds in more effective manner since a long time. And finally i found Google AJAX Feed API, which helps me in making my life easier. So i thought why should not i make it for others ? And SmashingFeeds took birth.

There would be an obvious question that there are lots of news aggregator available, then why do we need this site ?

Well, answer is simple.

1. No log-in required.
2. Feeds on various Categories of your interest.
3. Fast display compare to using aggregator. (based on my personal experience)
4. Display headline and few words of details rather than entire story. This will save your time.
5. Easy Access.

Site is currently under Beta. I am working on other features to more control to users. So stay connected and wait for next update.

Cheers !!

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