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Friday, January 11, 2008

KDE 4.0 Released

image The KDE 4 series has begun with the release of 4.0. It is the start of something amazing. Several years of design, development and testing came together today for the release of KDE 4.0.

If you want to test KDE 4 without installing packages download the live CD (554MB).

Packages are available for 7.10 (Gutsy) and our development Hardy version. They install to /usr/lib/kde4 and can be installed alongside your existing KDE 3.



  • Remove previous KDE 4 packages, they are not compatible (apt-get remove kdelibs5 kde4base-data kde4libs-data)
  • Add deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu gutsy main to your /etc/apt/sources.list
  • Install kde4-core, note that PPAs aren't authenticated so you will likely get a warning when installing
  • KDE 4 apps should appear in your KDE 3 K-menu or you can run a full session by selecting "KDE 4" from your login manager.
  • To avoid having to start a second X server for a full session install xserver-xephyr and run Xephyr :1 then and run /usr/lib/kde4/bin/startkde in the Xerphyr xterm.

The KDE 4 Libraries have seen major improvements in almost all areas. The Phonon multimedia framework provides platform independent multimedia support to all KDE applications, the Solid hardware integration framework makes interacting with (removable) devices easier and provides tools for better powermanagement.

The KDE 4 Desktop has gained some major new capabilities. The Plasma desktop shell offers a new desktop interface, including panel, menu and widgets on the desktop as well as a dashboard function. KWin, the KDE Window manager, now supports advanced graphical effects to ease interaction with your windows.

Lots of KDE Applications have seen improvements as well. Visual updates through vector-based artwork, changes in the underlying libraries, user interface enhancements, new features, even new applications -- you name it, KDE 4.0 has it. Okular, the new document viewer and Dolphin, the new filemanager are only two applications that leverage KDE 4.0's new technologies.

The Oxygen Artwork team provides a breath of fresh air on imagethe desktop. Nearly all user-visible parts of the KDE desktop and applications have been given a facelift. Beauty and consistency are two of the basic concepts behind Oxygen.

Packages are available for all the major distributions with live CDs available currently from Kubuntu and openSUSE. Take the KDE 4.0 Visual Guide to find your way around.

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