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Friday, January 18, 2008

Facebook is open-sourcing it's library for everyone

Back in September Facebook launched FBJS for Facebook Platform. FBJS is a layer on top of Javascript that gives you the full power of Javascript in your applications. FBJS enables developers to create richer and more deeply integrated applications, with features like DOM manipulation and AJAX.

FBJS exposes a powerful animation library which gives developers an easy way to improve their user interface with a line of two or code. All animations are CSS based, so a working knowledge of CSS will really help you out here. An open-source version of FBJS Animation that will work on pages outside of Facebook is available at:


One caveat to FBJS, however, is that most 3rd-party libraries are incompatible, which makes things like animation a little bit tricky. So FB decided to create an animation library for FBJS to help developers out. Unsatisfied with the state of 3rd-party animation libraries, FB built their own animation library from scratch. FB development team has been using this new animation library internally for several months for animations around Facebook, and everyone there has been very happy with it. Now team is ready to release it to developers on Facebook Platform so you can use it too.

The library had very little Facebook-specific code, so FB team modularize it, and now they are open-sourcing it for everyone. The code is released under a modified BSD license, which means you're free to use it pretty much wherever you want.

So check out the documentation and enjoy!


For applications using FBML canvas pages and profile boxes, you can start using FBJS Animation immediately. If you want to use FBJS Animation outside of Facebook, grab the Javascript from FB's open source portal and include it on your site. After that, the syntax is exactly the same as it is on Facebook.

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