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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Deutsche Telekom purchased Telecom.com Domain for $700,000

image A user of Domainforum.info just noticed that the domain Telecom.com, formerly owned by the Symmetricom.com, most recently purchased by the Deutsche Telekom AG. In fact: Accourding to sources from the American trade domain, the domain moved to the owners on 2 in January 2008 for $700,000.

Even if the whole thing, at least for the German media, rather quietly went on the stage, it is a big step on the part of Telekom, which also deserves recognition.

A company like Deutsche Telekom can not afford to lose visitors. Wie viele Kunden oder potentielle Kunden der Telekom haben in der Vergangenheit einfach den Namen falsch eingegeben und sind dadurch auf einer komplett falschen Webseite gelandet?. How many customers or potential customers of Telekom have in the past, simply enter the name wrong and are thus completely wrong on a website landed?. Die Antwort kennt sicherlich nur die Deutsche Telekom selbst, aber ich bin sicher, es rechtfertigt die Investition für den Kauf der Domain Telecom.com . The answer surely knows only Deutsche Telekom itself, but I am sure it justifies the investment for the purchase of the domain Telecom.com.

A clear sign that even German companies in international trade domain friends, even though such transactions are not always made public.

via: domainsmalltalk

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