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Friday, January 25, 2008

Check The Post Published Date in Google Reader

image Google Reader added a new feature in order to check the published date for post. This is first highlighted by Google Operating System Blog.

When you point your mouse tooltip on a post date (or time if published within 24 hours), tooltip will show you post 'Published Date'. Along with it, it will also show the post 'Received Date' which indicates the date when post was indexed by Google.


You can find out the time Google takes to get the post on Reader.

Along with there, there are few more changes which include:

1. Change in favicon. You can see the below new favicon of Reader.


2. New keyboard shortcuts are added.

'a' to add subscriptions, 'g+d' to open the feed directory, 'e' to email the current item. You can see the list of keyboard shortcuts by typing ? in Google Reader.

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