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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

BidVertiser Ads for Feeds (RSS/ATOM) - Now in Public Beta!

image The huge growth of RSS feeds, empowered by the growth of blogging, created the demand for new ways to monetize RSS feeds. Hundreds if not thousands of debates through the blogsphere confronted the ones supporting full feeds with the ones supporting partial feeds, were it always ends in "but how can I monetize my feed"?

BidVertiser came up with a new way to monetize your RSS/ATOM feeds - BidVertiser Ads for Feeds. After a few steps of registration and feed verification, you will be able to show the BidVertiser CPC ads in your feeds, as well as get access to our various multiple-subscription Feed Widgets that will help you publicize your new feed.

Here is how it works:

1. Login to your publisher account and click "Add New BidVertiser". During the Public Beta, you may also click the "Public Beta" link. If you are new to BidVertiser, click here to create a publisher account.

2. Make sure you are under the BidVertiser for your Feed tab.

3. Provide your feed URL and title and click Next.

4. Verify your feed ownership by adding a temporary post with a unique verification code we provide you with.

5. Choose your favorite multiple-subscription Feed Widget and add it to your website or blog. Detail instructions for each of the major blog platforms is provided as part of the process:
How to place the code on my WordPress
How to place the code on my TypePad
How to place the code on my Blogger

You're done!

Remember - you can't start to monetize your feeds too soon - register now and make sure you publicize your new feed address as soon as possible!

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