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Thursday, January 03, 2008

AT&T Completes Acquisition of Easterbrooke Cellular Corporation Assets

image AT&T Inc. yesterday announced that it has completed, through a subsidiary, an acquisition of the assets, including licenses, network assets and subscribers, of Easterbrooke Cellular Corporation. Easterbrooke is a provider of wireless communications services in West Virginia and operates under the Cellular One brand.

The addition of Easterbrooke's wireless network will allow AT&T to deliver broader wireless coverage to customers in West Virginia, including Easterbrooke's more than 19,000 subscribers, and will complement AT&T's existing network in West Virginia. AT&T customers will enjoy wider in-network coverage in these areas, and Easterbrooke customers will gain access to AT&T's portfolio of products and services, as well as to the nation's largest voice and data network, which covers more than 290 million people in 13,000 U.S. cities and towns.

AT&T will immediately begin to integrate and enhance the Easterbrooke and AT&T wireless networks. AT&T plans to make virtually the full portfolio of AT&T products and services available to Easterbrooke's subscribers in the first quarter of 2008.

After the integration process is complete, Easterbrooke customers may migrate to AT&T rate plans without incurring upgrade fees. During a transition period, AT&T will honor the current rate plans of Easterbrooke customers. Easterbrooke customers who choose AT&T calling plans will benefit from Rollover® Minutes, a feature exclusive to AT&T that allows customers to roll over their unused minutes to the next month for up to one year. Easterbrooke customers who choose AT&T calling plans will also have access to free Mobile to Mobile calling to the rest of AT&T's 67.3 million wireless customers.

The completion of the acquisition of Easterbrooke's assets comes after a review process, which included approval by or filings with the state of West Virginia, the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice.

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