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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

andUNITE : Social Network of Information Searchers

andUNITEandUNITE is a site that helps in finding people who are having the similar interest and unite them. andUNITE is the only Social Network without "Ablaufdatum"; it always automatically adjusts to the interests and activities of its users.

How does andUNITE work ?

"You are what you search!" - this is the core idea behind andUNITE. The search terms that one looks for on Google and other search engines, help to describe you on andUNITE.

Whatever you search on search-engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.., save them on andUNITE and share them with other members.


What can you do on andUNITE ?

You can,

1. Find people that currently have the same search interests as you,

2. See what your friends are currently searching for,

3. A sk questions and make recommendations for each of the individual search terms, and, and, and...

What do you have to do to use andUNITE ?

1. Register at andUNITE.

2. Install the andUNITE Browser search box

3. Install the andUNITE toolbar.

4. (Optional) Select your personal preferences: on the page called "My Profile," you can personalize your account information.

Advantages of andUNITE

1. Unite with people who are looking for the same things you are. Ask a question when Google lets you down

2. Find people with similar interests andUNITE! Stay up-to-date with the latest search queries of your friends

3. Be inspired by the diversity of search terms and discover new bands, websites etc.

4. You have full control at  all times over which andUNITE users see which of your search terms.

andUNITE currently supports Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Live. All three are available in either German or English versions. More search engines will be available soon.

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