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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Update to Zoho Notebook

Zoho rolled out another update to Zoho Notebook with more goodies. Here is the list.

  • Enhanced Firefox Plug-in with Citations
  • Skins Support
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Linking support
  • and more…

Lets looks at each of these enhancements.

Citation Support in Firefox Plug-in

This is one of the most requested feature. This new Firefox plug-in lets you easily aggregate content from the internet and it also links back to the original site with the title on the top. Here is how the aggregated content looks with the new plug-in.

You’ll notice the title on the top with a link back to the original site. You can change the title or the link using the ‘Edit Title’ icon (znic.png).

Skins Support

If you don’t prefer the default color for the notebook, we now have two more options - Blue and Brown. You can change the Skin from the ‘Preferences’ section.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are used to keyboard shortcuts, some of them are supported now inside Zoho Notebook. Supported ones are - Save (CTRL + S), Copy (CTRL + C), Paste (CTRL + V), Undo (CTRL + Z) and Redo (CTRL + Y).

Linking Support

You’ll now see two new icons in the text object - znlink.png. You can now link your content to any URL. Of course, linking between notebook pages is coming.

Other Enhancements…

Remove Sharing

If you have a shared notebook which you no longer need, you can use our new ‘Remove Sharing’ option now (znremovesharing.png) on the menu. Now you have the control on what notebooks you want to view in your shared section.

Rename/Delete Notebook

There is a new way to rename or delete a notebook. Simply right click on the book name, you’ll see the new context menu appear.



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