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Friday, December 14, 2007

A New LinkedIn Homepage Goes under Beta Testing

image Elliot Shmukler (Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn) announced yesterday about the beginning of Beta testing for a new LinkedIn homepage on LinkedIn blog.

Elliot Shmukler is talking with LinkedIn community evangelist, Mario Sundar, describing what's different in the redesigned homepage in below conversation video.

You can check the new beta homepage here.

Elliot Shmukler describes the major changes as below :

A Cleaner Design – We’ve really tried to simplify and clean-up the page, making it easier to pick out the information you need.

New Navigation Elements – We’re also experimenting with a new style of navigation. Instead of the tab system on the site today, we’ve implemented a set of drop-down menus for the key site functions (People, Jobs, and Answers) and an additional personal navigation area for managing your own Profile and Network.


We hope that this updated style makes it easier to navigate the site and serves to better highlight the key functionality of LinkedIn to all of our members. As we complete the Beta testing, we hope to bring this navigation to the rest of the site as well.

Professional Dashboard Right below the personal navigation area, is your new professional dashboard reflecting your key profile and network information.

We hope that this dashboard serves as an easy reminder of the current state of your LinkedIn profile and network – allowing you to easily manage your LinkedIn professional identity and your network contacts.


New Customizable Application Modules – Last but not least, right below the advertisement in the right column is a new area for customizable application modules. This where you can install applications that leverage your LinkedIn network to deliver the opportunities you need.

There are 3 modules available right now (with many more to come soon):

     o  People Search – allows you to search for people in your network that can help you accomplish your professional goals

     o Job Search – allows you to search for jobs that are of interest

     o Answers – allows you to monitor the questions LinkedIn members are asking their networks and the responses they are getting.

When you first look at the page, you’ll note that we pre-installed some modules that we thought might be interesting. You can edit the searches that these modules conduct by clicking on the “edit” link next to the module’s title and can add additional modules via the “Add a Module” button at the bottom. You can also remove modules by clicking the “x” button in the module’s title and even drag-and-drop the modules in order to rearrange them.


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