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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ask Launches AskEraser, A New Privacy Feature

Ask.com announced today about it's new privacy feature 'AskEraser'. AskEraser is a new privacy feature on the Ask site that provides searchers with unprecedented control over their search activity data. You can turn on AskEraser at any time and start searching Ask.com with the confidence that your search activity data will be completely deleted from Ask.com servers within a number of hours.

Starting today, you can turn on AskEraser by simply clicking the "AskEraser" link at the top of the Ask.com home page or search results pages (see image below).

You'll then get a dialog box containing a "Turn on AskEraser" button.

Click "Turn On AskEraser." From that point forward, your search activity will be deleted from our servers.

AskEraser will remain "on" across multiple browser sessions until you turn it off by clicking the "Off" link that will appear in the header.

A Few Key Points to Remember:

  • When AskEraser is enabled, your search activity will be completely deleted from Ask servers within a number of hours (we're not being sneaky here - we'll get rid of your search activity ASAP. See the AskEraser FAQ for more information on the deletion process).
  • "Search activity" includes your search terms, clicks, IP address and any user/session IDs assigned to you.
  • You can turn AskEraser on (or off) at any time and you'll have a constant reminder at the top of the page when AskEraser is on.
  • You can read more in the AskEraser FAQ and also brush up on our updated Privacy Policy.

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