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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The new Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Inc. introduced the new Yahoo! Search yesterday.

"We’ve invested in research, design, and engineering to better understand your intent when you’re searching so we can do a better job of getting you to your answer in one search.

With this launch, we took some liberties with the search box itself, turning it into an interactive experience that senses when you need a hand. In a dropdown window on our home page and on our results page, Yahoo! Search Assist provides both query suggestions as you type as well as related concepts you can explore to get you to your answer by just pointing and clicking. Try it with searches like “energy savings” to see what we mean. In testing Search Assist, we found that users were 61% more successful in completing their task with this new search feature at their disposal."

"We also realize that the right answer is often more than a link – it’s a photo or a video. So we’ve integrated this multimedia content directly into the search results to give you a more complete answer."

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