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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

eyeOS 1.2 is Released

image It’s not just a necessary update on eyeOS 1.x., but also a bunch of new features and applications needed by eyeOS to be really useful for the every day use. Need to send a mail? Well, just open eyeMail. Did your friend send a Microsoft Word file? No problem, eyeOS will open it and allow you to modify it. Want to have multiple groups for family and friends to share information between them? eyeControl 1.2 will let you do that and much more, visually.

And much more:

Microsoft Word (.doc) compatibility
By just uploading a MS Word file and clicking on it, eyeVisor will pop up and show you the document. You can edit it by clicking on the Edit button, and saving it back when you’re ready. That simple.

n3.pngSend me a mail!
Since you can add as many accounts as you want in your eyeOS Mail Client, you can have, from everywhere and in a single place, access to all your mails accounts.

12_6.pngMultiple File Upload
While the big improvement in MFU has been delayed until 1.2.1, eyeOS 1.2 includes real multiple upload, Gmail style, that will allow you to choose all the files you want to upload to your eyeOS account.

12_5.pngDesign improvements here and there
The desktop bar, the eyeDock icons and the application icons are just few examples of the design improvements in eyeOS 1.2. That would have been impossible without Marc, the eyeOS designer (No, he’s not leaving eyeOS to work for anyone else.

n1.pngA real and powerful Control Center
eyeControl 1.2 (mainly developed by Lars Knickrehm) features lots of options to customize your desktop (if you’re a normal user) or to full administrate your server (if you’re the administrator), allowing you to create and remove groups and users, customizing the eyeSoft repositories, activating / deactivating user creation and much more.


Full FTP client, done 100% with the eyeOS Toolkit
The new eyeFTP (developed by Anaël Ollier) allows you to browse public and private FTP servers, and the most important, inter-actuate with them. Upload and download files from the FTP server to your eyeOS server or to your computer, even if your actual connection does not allow access to the FTP port: all you’re doing is moving trough your eyeOS system, and is the server which is handling the FTP connection.

12_4.pngCustomize your Dock
Finally! Create new groups and move applications between them, and add the applications you have downloaded from eyeSoft/Packages Center to your dock. Everything from the new Applications Manager.

Not just videos. Also Movies.
The new eyeMovies features the latest codec support for being able to view big video files encoded as DivX from your eyeOS system. Just upload your movie and launch it, and eyeOS will do the rest.

12_2.pngCompress and uncompress.
The new eyeArchive, which opens automatically when you click a Zip file allows you to uncompress your zip files and create new ones from folders and files.

How many space did you said I have?
With eyeOS 1.2 and its new quotas system, you can control how many space do your users have on your server. Users will be able to check their used space from eyeControl, and the admin will be able to have full control over the used space of the eyeOS installation.

Automatic Thumbnails!
If your server does have the GD library installed and enabled you’ll see thumbnails of your images instead of the classic image icon.

12_1.pngDevelopers, developers, developers!
New widgets are included (Toolbar,Tree, Progressbar…) as well as new libraries to communicate with outside eyeOS. The eyeOS API is finally marked as stable in eyeOS 1.2.0.

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