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Monday, September 24, 2007

Tjoon made split screen video easy

Tjoon is split-screen video jamming with others using your webcam!

Tjoon makes it really easy to create split screen videos online by just using your webcam. Until now you needed special movie editing software to create those movies but not anymore, With Tjoon you can record your own stories, song or (birthday)wishes directly with your webcam and invite others to fill in the spots. If you play an instrument you can start an online jam session with your friends worldwide to explore some musical ideas or even become that one-man band you always dreamt of.

Tjoon is an easy way to create those split screen video's you might have seen popping up on the web. With Tjoon You don't need to install any movie editing software , to create these movies , you only need a webcam and you are ready to go.

See the below example video:

Tjoon has been made possible by the excellent opensource projects Ruby on Rails and Red5 the Open Source Flash Server.

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