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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

myFamily.com 2.0 : The Best Way to Connect With Your Family

Myfamily.com 2.0 is a new way to connect with family and friends online. A family website is better than email for sharing photos and telling stories – you no longer have big attachments that clog up your inbox, and everything is saved online for posterity. You and your members can contribute news and comments, see what's new and your site helps you remember family events and important dates. Easily see who has recently visited to know when members have seen your updates.

It is the next generation of the original myfamily.com site launched in 1998.

myfamily.com 2.0 is free for you and anyone you invite to join. It’s free during the beta period and will be free after beta.


1. Photos - share and make fun things : Your myfamily.com site offers members a place to pool those old, scanned photos and new digital ones. You can sort them by the date they were taken, the date they were added to the site or by the family member who contributed them. You can further organize by creating online albums for specific events or by date or family member.

2. Spread the news : Your site’s ‘News’ area is the best way to communicate with your family & keep everyone up to date on your current events. Comment on photos or stories and engage in threaded conversations throughout the site. You can even use our toll free phone number to leave family voice messages on the site, no matter where you are; from the soccer field, in the car or from the zoo.

3. Stories - for life : They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but nothing tells a story better than your voice. It's even richer over your family photos. Stories allow you to turn online photo albums or any other collection of photos from your site library into an audio slideshow, using your own voice, a phone and our toll-free phone number. Many of our members record stories of a lifetime (literally); recounting events growing up using those old scanned prints. Others use it to tell about a recent birthday or wedding celebration. Your voice (or your grandma's) can bring back the memories unlike any simple photo slideshow, capturing something you'll really treasure.

4. Events and Reminders - plan and remember : Never miss another family birthday or anniversary again. Events are an easy way to remember those important events; birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, graduations, weddings. Use Events to plan any activity for the family. Set due dates and add email reminders so nobody forgets, and add specific information about the activity for reference.

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