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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mash : A new social networking service from Yahoo!

Yahoo! is about to launch it's new social-networking service called Mash. Mash is currently an invitation-only beta service. Yahoo! has not announced about this new service, but as per PC World report a company employee tipped a New York Times reporter by mistake about a new, unannounced service called Yahoo Mash.

"Yahoo does have other, more successful social-media sites, like social-bookmarking site Delicious, photo-sharing site Flickr and question-and-answer search engine Yahoo Answers. However, it is generally agreed that it needs a strong contender in social networking, one of the hottest types of online services in recent years."

As per webware.com, this service feels like a mash-up of Facebook, MySpace, and Wikipedia. It's taken the best -- or at least, most popular -- features from these services and put them together in a very compelling social service.


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