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Friday, August 10, 2007

Zoho Viewer - an easy way to share and view documents

zoho announced a new addition to Zoho apps - Zoho Viewer - an easy way to share and view documents.

You need not be a Zoho user to use Zoho Viewer. Just upload any of the supported document formats to view the document. The URL you get in your address bar will be the permalink to that document and can now share this document with other users. You can email the link to this document using the ‘Share’ option or you can embed it using the code given under the ‘Embed’ option. You also have options to export the document to different formats or you can just download the original document using the ‘Download’ option.

This short video gives you a quick overview of Zoho Viewer.

The documents you upload are not viewable by others unless you share the URL. They are also not indexable by search engines (unless you link a particular document).

Zoho Viewer is a product designed along those lines. It lets you easily share documents as URLs without having to attach files. Some users internally call it as TinyURL for Documents.

Upload size limit increased from 5MB to 10MB.

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