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Saturday, August 25, 2007

WIXI : All Your Media Stored In One Page

Wixi is Online Media Center. You can upload any kind of media - photos, videos and music to your Wixi - then access them from anywhere and play them everywhere. You might ask yourself how you can simply upload your MP4 videos taken with your camera or cellphone, and then play them from any web browser while on your computer desktop. Do you require a video player to do so?

Well, when you upload a video file to Wixi, Wixi's
media conversion platform will process it and convert it into a high quality streamable file that can be played by the Wixi Universal Flash Player on your Web Browser.

Wixi offers a very easy, intuitive, desktop-like interface where you can manage your media and your documents with a simple drag & drop action. You can play all your media with the Wixi Universal Flash Player: your music, photos and videos will be converted to be streamable on the Web. Wixi is a unique way to share and interact with your friends, and also discover new content online.

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