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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mr Uptime : First Firefox extension from Pingdom

Have you ever tried accessing a website and it didn’t respond? Of course you have. We all have!

Sometimes websites don’t respond or have other problems. We got tired of missing cool articles and websites for this reason, and then not remembering to revisit them later. On a daily basis millions of Internet users encounter websites that don’t work as intended. In most cases you as a user just want to visit a website to get information but can’t because of various kinds of issues. It could be a problem on your end, with the website, or somewhere in between.

What if you could just press a button and then be alerted when that website is working again?

This is exactly what Mr Uptime allows you to do.

Mr Uptime is a Firefox extension that lets you monitor a website that is unreachable or is having other problems. As soon as the website is working properly again, Mr Uptime will let you know. In other words, never miss a website again. You can either ask Mr Uptime to let you know when the website responds again, or when a specific error message on the page disappears.


Status change : Watch when the server status code changes from an error to OK (HTTP status code 200).

Keywords : Set a keyword that the website should or should not contain to be considered ok.

Time to watch : Set how long you want to keep checking a website. After this time it will be removed from the watchlist even if it hasn’t become available.

Notifications : Choose to open the website in a new tab or a new window when it becomes available. You can also optionally get an alert dialog box to notify you when a website is working again.

Easy to use and discreet : The interface will not clutter your Firefox window. The toolbar is only shown when an error is encountered or when you choose to open it yourself. You will not get another toolbar taking up valuable space in Firefox.

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