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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Metacafe Launches Digg Channel

Metacafe, whose more than 25 million unique viewers each month make it one of the world’s largest video sites (comScore Media Metrix, July 2007), today launched its new Digg Channel. Now live at www.metacafe.com/digg, the channel showcases every Metacafe video that has ever been “Dugg.” Viewers can also easily find videos “Most Dugg” and “Recently Dugg” on Digg, an innovative site that harnesses the collective wisdom of the world’s online audience to prioritize the overwhelming amount of content available on the Web.

By combining input from these two community-powered sites, Metacafe is providing another way to discover videos that prove most popular among viewers. With the addition of the Digg Channel, viewers can now see what videos members of the Digg community prefer in addition to what fares well among the entire Metacafe community. The Digg Channel is being promoted throughout the Metacafe website, and Digg is currently showcasing the channel on the Digg website.

“The Digg Channel illustrates our commitment to putting viewers in charge of their online entertainment experience,” said Erick Hachenburg, CEO of Metacafe. “Like Digg, we are all about exposing the content our community deems best and making it easy for people to discover something they’re likely to enjoy. This shared philosophy makes the Digg Channel a great addition to our site.”

Metacafe is known for utilizing audience feedback to surface the most entertaining videos. Its community review panel of more than 80,000 volunteers takes a first look at each of the thousands of videos submitted to the site each day. And its VideoRankTM system gauges each viewer’s interactions with and reactions to a video, automatically showcasing those that elicit the best response.

Everything on Digg is submitted and voted on by the Digg community, making it easy for people to discover and share interesting items from anywhere on the web. The new Digg Channel utilizes the recently released Digg Application Programming Interface (API), which allows Metacafe to easily integrate Digg data into its own site in real time.

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