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Friday, August 17, 2007

fooWHO? : Combintation of Digg and Wikipedia with new look

fooWho.com is a new social networking site launched recently. The site is currently in an open-beta stage. Team at fooWho.com believes that the current methods of sharing information are still at a juvenile state and there is much more that can be done. fooWHO.com is designed to provide web users with statistical information on items suggested by other users who like the same stuff they do, something which no other social network had ever attempted before.

"The idea is that users can find hangouts, news, blog, movies, music, books, tech-devices... and... well... just about anything that other users with the same life style and preferences liked. That is contrary to other social networks that rely on what the author of the specific content has to say about it or to networks that rely on random user input to say what's good for you and what's not. You're never really sure if the users suggesting are in the same state of mind like you are.

We intend to change that... Like... Seriously"

Site looks like a combination of features from popular sites like Digg and Wikipedia.

Like Digg, this is a user powered content site. User can submit items to specific categories by writing few words about content. fooWHO.com provides wider range of options while choosing category for content compared to Digg. Category system looks like a copy of digg. User can express their view about submitted content by voting it. Color used for display votes also matched with the one used by Digg.

In Digg, you can not vote negative for submitted item, which means when you like certain item, you can dig it which will increase the digg count by one. Digg count indicates the number of digg user like the content. If you think that digg story is not at all useful to you, you can bury it. Digg count can't be decrease by any means. Where as at fooWHO.com you can vote as "like" or "dislike". When you click on "like" option, it will increase the count. Clicking on "dislike" option, will decrease the count. Like digg, you can comment to the submitted item. Comment system in both sites have few similarities. Users can rate the comment provided by others. Color combination of this site looks better than digg.

Wikipedia, all items on this site are editable (wikis). Anyone can edit any items submitted by anyone. But the limitation is that users with 2 stars or above can edit items on the site. This means that if you are really popular you can edit other user's items and be credited for it. There are 5 stars in total. he more users who like your items the higher you raise in rank.

As common, user can search contents submitted by other user. The good thing is that site provides wide range of topics, so search becomes more faster and results become more specific.

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