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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Nokia has released updated firmware for N800

Nokia has released updated firmware for its Linux-based N800 Internet Tablet. The fourth Tablet OS 2007 release this year -- "4.2007.26-8" -- brings a Skype client, Flash 9 player, and support for 8GB SD memory cards, while Nokia's own VoIP service beta installer has been removed.
Skype was the first company to popularize VoIP softphones, and for many, its name is still synonymous with VoIP. Skype today ranks second in the VoIP market, with a 15 percent share compared to nearly 22 percent for Vonage, according to 2006 market research from Point Topic.

Previous firmware releases for the N800 included an invitational installer to Nokia's own "Nokia Internet Call" service. However, the beta service has reached the end of its trial period, and will be discontinued entirely at the end of August, Nokia said.

Also, the new firmware brings power management improvements, Nokia said, especially with regard to WiFi. Compared to the older 770, the N800 previously had much shorter battery life, largely because the 770 by default dropped its WiFi connection when the cover was put on. Improvements to WiFi power management should lessen the penalty for this behavior in the N800, Nokia suggested. [more...]

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