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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Twitter Applications (Part – 9)


More interesting twitter applications.

65. Twannabe : One way to find out interesting people on twitter is image by checking out who your hero is following. People whom your hero is following might be the crowd you want to be associated with. Twannabe helps you to find out interesting people. You have to log in and suggest your twitter hero (user) name. Twannabe will list all those people that your hero is following and you may be interested to follow them.

66. Twitabit : Twitabit is a similar kind of service as Twiddict is image providing. It’s fact that many time twitter is going down. Twitabit will help you to post even when twitter is down. Post your tweets on twitabit when twitter is down — and it will queue them up and make sure they get delivered when twitter service back to normal.

67. twshot : Using twshot button, you can update twitter status with imagelong url. You have to drag the twshot button to your bookmark.  Whenever you want to post long url, just click on twshot button in bookmark. It will automatically shorten the url, so it will easy to post.

68. Twitzu : Twitzu helps you to create events. Having a meetup, get together or party? Now you can blast it out to your Twitter followers image using Twitzu. You can easily create an event . Just provide few words of details and publish add it to your twitter account. It will publish the event to your twitter account with url to event page on twitzu. Your followers can then RSVP on the Twitzu website.

69. twemes : Twemes follows public Twitter tweets (messages) that have embedded tags that start with a # character. These areimage sometimes called hashtags and this site called it as twemes. Twemes is particularly useful for keeping up on the real-time activities associated with a live event such as a conference.

70. Tweet Scan : Tweet Scan is a real-time search engine for Twitter. It indexes all public messages on Twitter so you can find the  conversations, people, and tweets you want. You can search by keyword, author, and date with results available via email, RSS, and Twhirl.

71. SnapTweet : SnapTweet is an easy to use service which makes it image simple to post your latest Flickr photos to your Twitter stream. There are two ways. Send a direct message ( D SNAPTWEET yourmessagehere ) to Twitter (via SMS, the web, or your client of choice). D is just short for Direct Message. If you don't include a message, the Flickr photo title will be used. You can also send a direct message directly (no "D" required) on the Twitter web site. It also allows you to auto post your flickr photos to twitter. Check it here. There are a few options you can choose from: send my latest photo, send tagged photos only, and send all emailed photos.

72. StrawPoll : StrawPoll keeps you updated on the latest happenings image in the "Twitter-o-sphere" through their pretty polls. It is also really easy to use. Follow strawpoll on Twitter. Everyday around 8am EST, StrawPoll asks a new question. Reply back with your decision—your vote only counts once per day. Vote by replying to strawpoll by twittering "@strawpoll" <your vote> <your reason>. Make sure your vote is only one word or number. StrawPoll’s homepage gives a wonderful graph of the results for the QoD. You can also create your own StrawPoll from here.

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