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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Twitter Applications (Part – 8)

Few more interesting twitter applications.

57. Twitter_Tickets : Twitter_Tickets helps you to get imagenews about  upcoming ticket releases directly in your Twitter stream. Follow as many of the accounts available on site as you like to enjoy free updates. You can also get news of upcoming ticket releases in your feed reader. Simply subscribe to any of the available feeds to enjoy free updates.

58. TwitterCounter : TwitterCounter is a service for Bloggers, Social image networkers and other well connected individuals to communicate and track the number of followers they have on Twitter. Add the TwitterCounter to your blog or profile to attract more followers. Below is an example image of TwitterCounter.


59. TweetLater : TweetLater helps you to schedule future tweets forimage all your twitter accounts. You can keep your twitter stream ticking  over with new tweets even when you're not in front of your computer. Or, use it as your personal reminder system. You can schedule a maximum of 12 status update tweets for any rolling 60 minute window, and you can't use this service to send replies or direct messages.

60. Twiddict : If you love twitter and getting frustrated when it is down, it means you are addicted to twitter. Twiddict allows you to send your tweet even during Twitter downtime. They will make sure your tweets end up where they belong. Site takes the back up of your tweets and put all of them in a queue. Whenever twitter service back to normal, Twiddict will publish all those backed up tweets.

61. Twitter Translator : Twitter Translator is a Twitter Bot capable imageof  translating anything you throw at it. Great for on the go translation when all you have is your phone. You can send text in any language to @twanslate, and it will be translated into the language you ask it to. 3 Easy steps to do this:

1) Follow @twanslate
2) Send a direct message like "d twanslate fr Where is the bathroom?"
3) @twanslate responds with the translated text through a Twitter direct message

You can see the language code on the site.

62. TwitterCritic : TwitterCritic is a new twitter applications image developed for film reviews. It automatically compiles movie reviews and lists the relevant tweets. It also categorizes the reviews as either positive or negative by showing thumb up or down.

63. Remember The Milk for Twitter : Remember The Milk (RTM)  provides a service that makes tasks management an enjoyable experience. RTM now came up with their application with twitter. Add rtm as your friend, and you can add and interact with your tasks by direct message (and get reminders too!).

64. TweetWheel : TweetWheel helps you to find out which of your image Twitter friends know each other! As name suggest, it’s a visual representation of your twitter network in form of wheel. Just enter your twitter username and it shows all of your friends and how they're connected to each other.

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