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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Twitter Applications (Part – 10)

Few more twitter applications on your way.

73. Quotably : Twitter is getting more attention across the world and image there are lots of conversations that have moved to Twitter. Quotably aims to make these conversations easier to follow. It compiles the twitter conversion and reformats them in to threads which makes it easy to follow actual discussion occurring on twitter.

74. twittermeter : Twitter meter let's you query an index of all the image words that have been sent to twitter's public timeline and plot the number of times that word was used over time. The fuzzy search option will search for any word that starts with what you type in the box (so it would pick up both "twitter" and "twitter's").

75. TweetVolume : TweetVolume is a Twitter + Google mashup that image allows you to enter a few words or phrases and let you know how often they appear on Twitter. Using this service you can know which words are more popular on Twitter.

76. Twimbler : Twimbler is tumble blog that gets updated via Twitter —the favorite microbloggin' platform of the web 2.0. It helps you to share interesting links with the world. No registration or configuration required. More details

77. twit+ : Twitter is a great service for micro-blogging but doesn't make it easy to twitter with pictures, video or other files. It can be done but isn't very easy. twit+ is a new service that works on top of twitter that lets you twitter with pictures or video and also privately send files to your twitter friends (Don't email files, twit+ them!).

78. Twitsig : Many forums, Blogs, and other web services allow you imageto  have images as part of your signature. twitsig.com allows you to display your current twitter status as an image. It basically embeds your tweets into images so you can use them as a signature or display on your blog.

79. Twitt(url)y : Twitt(url)y or twitturly, is a service for tracking  what URLs people are talking about as they talk about them on Twitter. Each time that you send a link to your followers on twitter, twitturly takes a note of it and applies your vote to that URL. The more votes it gets, the better it ranks. If it does well enough, it gets promoted to the home page and as the votes increase it gets displayed higher up the home page. Twitturly only shows the 100 most popular URLs over the last 24 hours.

80. Twitter census : Twitter census is a survey for twittersphere. It image uses the hashtags concept in order to track poll response. Users tweet a question starting with #Survey tag (or Twitter poll or twittersurvey) and then put a unique #hashtag at the end of the question.

e.g. #Survey : Which is your favorite IM Client ? #imclients.

Your followers will use the #hashtag to answer your question. Answer must be in quoted text. E.g.

@you “ICQ” #imclients

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