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Friday, May 23, 2008

Twitter Applications (Part - 5)

This part list out few more twitter applications.image

33. TwitDir : TwitDir is a Twitter users known as twitterers  directory, no more! Site basically uses twitter.com API to index Twitterers on a regular basis. Only public Twitter users are added to the TwitDir database. People who checked "Protect my updates" in twitter settings are not in TwitDir.image

34. Pick of the Twitter : Pick of the Twitter is a free service that  selects specific "tweets" (posts) from the public timeline of the messaging service Twitter. Not all tweets are created equal and Pick of the Twitter strives to publicly recognize the cream of the crop. They Pick one tweet per hour, 24x7x365.

35. Tweet 2 Tweet : Tweet 2 Tweet tracks the public Twitter timeline to collect data in order to view conversations between two users similar to Facebook's "Wall-to-Wall" feature. You need to put two Twitter screen names into the boxes to see their conversation via @ replies! Site is powered by Django + App Engine + Summize.

36. twee60 : If you are a fan of Xbox and want to keep your loyal image followers aware of what you're doing on Xbox Live, then twee60 is a place for you. Twee60 will automatically tweet your Xbox Live status to all your followers. All you have to do is register for an account. Service is secure and easy, just provide a few details after you've logged in to your account and your Xbox Live status information will automatically update 24x7 with no further intervention needed on your part.

37. twitsay : twitsay is a simple service which lets you send 10 image seconds of voice messages to your Twitter account. Service is free, however it costs you a local phonecall (USA, UK, Austria and Germany at the moment, other countries coming soon!), depending on your dialing-plan. Whatever message you leave, you can listen it later. Go to your Twitter page and listen to your voice message. All your followers can listen to it, too!

38. Twittervision : Twittervision is an interesting website that shows imageyou the update happening on Twitter in real-time. A real-time  geographic visualization of posts to Twitter. It used Google map to point out the locations. You can switch between classic view and 3D view of real-time update.image

39. TwitBin : TwitBin is an extension for firefox that brings the  power of twitter right in your browser. You can quickly and easily send and receive messages via twitter in your firefox browser. You can download and install this extension from here.

40. TweetWire.com : TweetWire.com is a neo-newspaper that grabsimage the freshest links posted to Twitter. TweetWire try to take some of the most interesting links and organize them in a newspaper style web page. Tweets are divided into a handful of categories, including elections, technology, sports, and celebrities. And the links are collected using a combination of the Twitter search engine TweetScan and the Yahoo! Pipes RSS remixing utility.

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