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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Laaik.it : A Social News And Bookmarking Service

image Laaik.it is a social news and bookmarking service that lets you decide which issues and stories are important (those you “laaik”) and which aren’t worth your time (those you “dislaaik”). As you and thousands of other users “laaik” and “dislaaik” stories, a community driven picture of the day’s (and week’s and month’s) news emerges.

You can either submit a link to a story or picture or video that you consider relevant or vote on an existing entry. You can also comment on stories and save interesting stuff to your personal bookmarks area.

The site looks similar to the Digg where you can submit a link to the story and provide a litte description of it. You can digg the story if they like it. This is the another site i found after fooWhoo.

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