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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Microsoft Acquires WebFives, a free digital media sharing seattle startup

image As per the Seattle Times, microsoft buys the seattle based social networking startup WebFives.

With support from some early Microsoft executives, Toutonghi (a former distinguished engineer who initiated the Media Center version of Windows before leaving for startup world) in 2004 started Vizrea, a mobile phone image sharing service.

WebFives is the sharing service from Vizrea, a pioneer in easy online sharing. Webfives is a sort of social network service that lets people share their life from anywhere. With Webfives, users can now share their photos, videos, blogs and podcasts with friends and family, privately or publicly by mobile phone, PC or the Web. On 3G and other high-speed networks, Webfives also provides access to PC-based music content on mobile phones - providing a way for users to listen to songs in their digital library anywhere.

WebFives users can quickly and easily share full-screen TV quality video and CD-quality audio on their own WebFives pages, or on the pages of other services. They can also easily upload from and share to almost any mobile phone with an internet connection.

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