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Friday, September 04, 2009

Microsoft Education Lab Released “Math Worksheet Generator” To Practice Math Problems

image Do you spend a lot of time searching for worksheets with practice problems to give your students? Now you can easily create your own in just a few seconds with the Math Worksheet Generator. Microsoft Education Lab announced the release of a helpful new tool called the Math Worksheet Generator.  This one is aimed at math teachers, tutors, parents, or anyone wanting to practice math problems with an accompanying answer sheet (and for those folks already using Microsoft Math, a step by step explanation of answers).

Many teachers spend a lot of time searching for and photocopying printable worksheets. Math Worksheet Generator eases this burden. This is a tool that generates multiple math problems based on a sample, and then creates a worksheet that you can distribute. By analyzing the math problem you provide, or one of the built-in samples, the generator determines the structure of the expression and provides similar problems. It also tacks on an answer sheet too.

Just type in a practice equation or select from pre-populated list of problem types, select how many you want on your printable worksheet, and click create.  The tool will generate a Word document (or HTML if you don’t have Word installed) with similar sample problems along with an answer sheet. The Math Worksheet Generator works best with Word 2007. If you have that, then the tool creates a Word document and the expressions are editable.

It’s powered by the Microsoft Math engine which means it is able to support a wide array of  equations and formulas, and can provide answers for all of them.  First version focuses on some of the core math skills from basic arithmetic through algebra.

Check out this release note for more details.

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