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Friday, September 04, 2009

Fennec Alpha 3 Is Out For Windows Mobile With New Features and Fixes

fennec Mozilla mobile team today announced the availability of Fennec Alpha 3 for Windows Mobile. The release brings lots of great features and fixes, including improved start time, panning, compositor work, and support for a wider range of screen resolutions.

This release is provided for for testing purposes only, intended to:

  • get wider feedback on our approach to the user experience;
  • engage Mozilla community teams, including localizers, and testers;
  • get feedback from Web developers;
  • encourage add-on developers to port existing add-ons and invent new ones for mobile.

The initial focus of Fennec development was on building a new user experience that reflects Firefox's design principles, adding touch screen support and other interactions appropriate for mobile phones and other handheld devices. Fennec preserves leading features like the Smart URL Bar ("awesome bar") and support for add-ons.

For more details, see Brad Lassey’s blog post, excerpted below, or see the release notes or a cab installer here.

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Sandra Collins said...

Fennec is just great... really great !

Sandra Collins, from TDM