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Friday, April 17, 2009

Gmail Now Suggests You Recipients

Many time it happens that we want to send some email to few people and most of the time spent on scanning their email address through entire big contact list. It becomes difficult to search for people whom we really want to send the email especially when contact list if huge. Well, Gmail is came up with a solution for this. Gmail lab introduced a new feature called “Suggest more recipients”.

Once you've enabled it from the Labs tab under Settings, you'll see suggested recipients while composing messages. Gmail will suggest people you might want to include based on the groups of people you email most often. So if you always email your mom, dad, and sister together, and you start composing a message to your mom and dad, Gmail will suggest adding your sister. Enter at least two recipients and any suggestions will show up like this:

Click on a suggested name, and they'll get added to your email.

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