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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Breaking News : CNN Acquires CNNbrk Twitter Account

It’s always exciting to have more new followers on twitter. Everyone might be interested in increasing their list of followers in one or other way. Are you wondering to know who owns the highest followers on twitter ? Well, you can check it on twitterholic. As per twitterholic, CNN Breaking News, @cnnbrk is top in the followers race and about to reach 1 million. Currently it has 900k+ followers. If you look at the growth of cnnbrk, it’s followers count is continuously increasing over the time.


This could be one of the reason for CNN (@cnn) to acquire cnnbrk twitter account which has currently 956,816 followers. cnnbrk account was not under cnn control till now. It is created by James Cox who has his own another twitter account at @imajes.

In the race to reach 1 million followers milestone, Ashton kutcher (@aplusk) is at 2nd  position having 936,992 followers & Britney Spears (@britneyspears) is at 3rd position having 924,513 followers.

Financial transaction is not disclosed yet by cnn for this acquisition. As per the Silicon Alley Insider "“CNN confirms that it has has taken control of the @cnnbrk account -- and its 944,000 followers. CNN didn't disclose any financial details, but said it's been working with previous owner James Cox on the account for more than two years.”

More details about this acquisition can be fount at:

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