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Monday, June 02, 2008

Themes For Orkut

Orkut recently redesigned it's interface and went to an OpenSocial by releasing Apps for Orkut in India. So what's next ? Well, most of us hate that blue theme. So now orkut is coming up with theme options to give more flexibility to users. Now you can make your orkut profile reflect your mood for the day or change the theme to match the current season.

Orkut began rolling out 12 themes to a percentage of Indian users, and these themes should be available to all Indian users by the end of this week. This new feature is currently under testing, and depending on the feedback from users, it will be rolled out for everyone on orkut.

Orkut Theme

To switch your theme, click on the "change theme" link in the top navigation bar or go to the"themes" tab in the edit profile page. You'll then see gallery page, where you can check out all the themes that are currently available. Alternatively, if you visit a friend's profile page and he has a theme you like, click on "get this theme."

When you select a theme, all your orkut pages will have this theme: your profile, scrapbook, photos, videos, etc. When other users visit your profile or other pages, they will see your selected theme.

There is also an option to disable all themes in case you'd rather navigate orkut all in blue. There are times when you access orkut from slow speed connections, and images on the site may take longer than usual to download. On those days, it may help to disable themes completely so that your friends' profiles load more quickly.

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