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Monday, June 02, 2008

Adobe Released Acrobat® 9 Along With Acrobat.com

image Adobe announced the beta launch of Acrobat.com. It's a suite of online services hosted by Adobe that you can use to create documents together and share them with others. It helps people get document work done faster, without email attachments or version confusion, and it makes your documents look great so that you and your work look great, too. It's FREE.


It is starting with three distinctive applications:

  • Adobe Buzzword for creating and reviewing documents together.
  • Adobe ConnectNow for holding full-fledged online web conferences with up to three people.
  • The Acrobat.com organizer for sharing 5GB of files with others online, including the ability to convert 5 documents to PDF and embed your documents in blogs, wikis or other web pages.

Acrobat.com is a suite of hosted services designed to enable communication and collaboration. Acrobat.com includes the following services:

Share iconShare : Send files to others for easy access while you maintain control.

Create PDF iconCreate PDF : Convert up to five files to Adobe PDF online.

Adobe Buzzword iconAdobe Buzzword : Write and collaborate on documents anywhere, anytime.

Adobe ConnectNow iconAdobe ConnectNow : Meet live over the web and share your screen with anyone.

My Files iconMy Files :Store your files online for easy access from anywhere.

My Files iconGet Acrobat.com on Adobe AIR : An ideal complement to Acrobat.com online services.

Acrobat.com is currently available in U.S. English only. For more details checkout the FAQs.

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