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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Real Example Of How Firefox 3 Saves Your Computer from Phishing Sites Attack

Firefox 3 has introduced a security feature that saves you from phishing websites and virus attacks. If you accidentally access an attack site, you’ll receive a full-sized browser message as a warning. Today, i released that this is really a good feature and help you a lot by protecting your computer from phishing site.

Today i received an email asking me to renew my Google AdWords account immediately otherwise will be deactivated and deleted. I was surprised as email came from "Google AdWords"googlealerts-noreply@google.com.

screenshot of the email that i received is as below:


At first glace, this seems to be an official alert notification email from Google. However when i tried to open the link provided in this email to renew account, Firefox 3 has reported this url as a Web Forgery. I was surprised to see this.


Then i googled about Google AdWords Scam and found that many people received the same email and it’s not an official email sent by Google. There is a thread on AdWord Help Google Groups saying about this scam.


Google AdWords Help Center tell you “What do I do if I receive a suspicious email claiming to be from AdWords?”


Be careful and stay away from such spam emails.

Special thanks for Firefox 3 development team.

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