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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Photobucket Launches Image Editing Solution Powered by FotoFlexer

photobucket Photobucket, one of the top destinations for managing personal media, today announced the launch of built-in image editing, powered by FotoFlexer, one of the most advanced Web-based image editing solutions. The image editor enables Photobucket users to edit and add effects to their photos. The two companies aim to make it easy for Photobucket’s nearly 40 million monthly users around the world* to personalize and share images on the Web.

Starting today, the entire photo-editing feature set is free to all Photobucket users and provides another vehicle for self-expression online.

FotoFlexer’s features are seamlessly integrated with Photobucket, enabling all users – regardless of skill level – easily to edit their images online, within their existing Photobucket albums.

Photobucket users upload up to ten million images to Photobucket every day, and the site currently hosts almost five billion images and videos. Photobucket users can share their images and videos via email, IM or mobile phone, as well as post them on their blog or social network profile.


Toyota is the charter sponsor of the new feature on behalf of the all-new 2009 Corolla. For a limited time, Toyota is putting a smile on the face of Photobucket users by providing digital “stickers” inspired by the Corolla Dream Estate at www.toyota.com/corolla. Funny stickers like chefs’ hats, French maids’ aprons and bow ties let users create their own staff in honor of the new Corolla, a champagne car on a beer budget.

The integration between Photobucket and FotoFlexer includes editing features customized and designed specifically for the Photobucket community such as:

  • Basic image editing – Photos can be re-sized, rotated, flipped, cropped,    duplicated and corrected with red-eye reduction.
  • Color effect options – Images can be modified with color effects such as sepia, grayscale, blueprint and many more.
  • Decorate – Photos can be completely altered into different shapes colors and have designs added, with the ability to turn them into greeting cards.   
  • Beautify – Blemishes can be fixed, and wrinkles smoothed.
  • Distort – All photo proportions can be distorted in various ways, such as stretching or bulging.
  • Hi-resolution mode – Images can be edited in their highest resolution, providing professional-quality image editing for professional-grade images.
  • Smart scissors – An object can be cut out of its background with just a few clicks.
  • Enhanced border system – Border width can be automatically adjusted with a simple click and drag.
  • Preferences system – The image-editing tool can store users’ preferences and most common image-editing needs.

After completing edits, users can either create a new copy or replace the existing photo. Users can then share the photos, include them in remixes or slideshows to share with friends and family or order custom photo prints, t-shirts, calendars or other gear from the Photobucket site.


“FotoFlexer is the perfect complement to Photobucket’s existing features, as it provides a way for our users to do more with their personal media online,” said Alex Welch, President of Photobucket. “This has been the most requested feature from our users, and we believe the FotoFlexer image editor enables them to complete the lifecycle for managing online photos – putting the final finishing touches and personalizing their photos before sharing them.”

“Collaborating with Photobucket allows us to bring our advanced, free tools to its huge user-base, who are always hungry for new ways to manage their photos,” said Sharam Shirazi, CEO of FotoFlexer. “FotoFlexer allows people to inject their personalities into photos, which is extremely important to Photobucket users who post, link and share their photos both online and offline. We are excited about this opportunity to integrate with Photobucket and we look forward to seeing what its users create.”

Samples of photos, which have been customized by the image editor on Photobucket, can be found here: http://effects.photobucket.com/

*comScore Media Metrix

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