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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Google Reader Update : Few New Features

image There are couple of updates to Google Reader which they released yesterday.

These are as below:

More languages and countries

Reader is now available in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Subscriber counts

If you were curious how many other subscribers a feed that you read has, you can now easily check: use the "show details" link in the top-right corner. Additionally, to see how indie/hip you are, you can use the "Most obscure" tab on the trends page to see the feeds that you subscribe to with the least number of subscribers. Just keep in mind what these numbers indicate.

Increased reading area

Reading space has been increased by an additional 17 pixels for feed content.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Reader is made faster to load when you have more than a thousand subscriptions. The settings page should feel perkier too. Few bugs are fixed -- most notably, bugs that prevented profiles from loading in certain cases. Improved keyboard navigation is also added and fixed a problem refreshing search results.

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