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Saturday, March 01, 2008

New Features Added to YouTube

I mentioned few days back about redesign of YouTube Homepage. Along with that, YouTube is doing couple of changes to the site. There are few new feature recently added to YouTube. The following features are now appearing on YouTube. Check out the goods...

Character Counter For Video Comments

The visual counter lets you know exactly how many characters you have left before approaching the limit. Now you will always know how many words you can fit in before hitting 'submit'.

Contextual Help In My Account

You'll notice some new help icons next to features on your account. To see instructions and helpful information related to managing things like your channel design and videos, just hover over the " ? " icons. Click the "read more" link to go directly to the full article related to that particular feature in our Help Center.

Experimental Personalized Homepage Beta

YouTube just launched a new experimental personalized YouTube homepage to a smaller group of users for beta testing. Check out all the details in my previous blog post before you opt in to the beta by clicking here.

See the below video for more details:

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