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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Intel Launches PC.com to Provide Valuable Information Related to PC

image Owned and managed by Intel Corporation, PC.com was developed to provide you with valuable resources on computers and the amazing things you can do with them.

Throughout the site, you'll find informative articles, news, and more. This site will be helpful to those who want to learn and want to know more details about PC.


There are basically three things you will find there.

1. Learn : Here you can learn lots of new thing about your PC that you probably not know even though you use PC more than 4-5 hours in a day. Some cool facts and tips for your PC. Advice from experts and news. Some how-to Stuff.

2. Ask : This is basically Q & A section. Any thing you want to know about PC, just ask here and get them answered. You can join the PC.com community where you can,

  • Ask questions and get answers.
  • Share your knowledge and write a review.
  • Rate computers you have used and browse top rated systems.

3. Shop : In the "Shop" section, you'll only find Intel® processor-based computers ;).

The site also features a number of web video shows which includes PC Advisor, PC 101 &Tech News and a hosted Q&A series.

Site is under beta, so we can expect more from Intel to be happened there.

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