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Monday, February 18, 2008

Managing your friends (online) in a better way with Orkut

image Do you have a lot of friends on orkut? Do you sometimes want to find all your school friends, send a message to all your co-workers, or check out your best friends' karma?

Friend groups have been on orkut for some time now to manage the friends, however now orkut is making them more accessible throughout the site to make it easier for users to create new groups or add new friends to them.image

Here's what's changed: when you add a new friend or accept a  friend request, you can now select which group(s) you want to add them to. You can also modify these groups (rename them, remove them or add new ones) either when you add or accept a friend, or on the friend management page.

Friendship levels are turned into groups for users, so that they can send messages to all of their best friends, or see all the friends on orkut that they haven't met offline yet.

If you're not sure what groups to create, then orkut provides you few default groups to get you started. This will make it easier to categorize your friends. You can always change the name of these groups if they don't suit your particular need.

Orkut is also planning on a bunch of new features so you can use your groups to make the orkut experience more tuned to your needs. Stay tuned!

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