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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dailymotion - in High Definition, in a new player!

image Dailymotion announced today that all HD video uploaded by MotionMakers will be automatically re-encoded in 720p High Definition for playback on the site.

Anyone can watch videos in HD. To get the most out of Dailymotion’s HD, it is recommend opening HD videos in full-screen mode or, even better, viewing the site on an HD-compatible screen. If your monitor is not big enough to enjoy HD, you can always connect your computer to your TV.

A dedicated list page to find HD quality videos on Dailymotion is available at: http://www.dailymotion.com/hd

HD is both bandwidth and processor intensive, so a 2 Mbps connection is advised (and dual-cores don’t hurt ;).

Along with this bit of news comes another: the beta player which you have been able to test for a number of weeks has been activated throughout the site. In addition to HD support, it includes such improvements as realtime seeking, in-player embed and email tools, and greater user control over the quality of the video being streamed.

For the power-users out there, we have also included some handy keyboard shortcuts (NB: these do not work in fullscreen mode):

<CTRL>-<UP> : volume +10%
<CTRL>-<DOWN> : volume -10%
<SHIFT>-<LEFT> : video -60 secs
<SHIFT>-<RIGHT> : video +60 secs
<CTRL>-<LEFT> : video -10 secs
<CTRL>-<RIGHT> : video +10 secs
<LEFT ARROW> : video -15 secs
<RIGHT ARROW> : video +15 secs
<SPACE> : play/pause

Try it out and enjoy!

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