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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Feedoor : Your Entrance to The Feed World

Feedoor is the ultimate feed service where you can create unlimited feeds, add unlimited items, and merge many feeds from outer sources with different feed formats (RSS,ATOM,RDF) in one single feed, you can also customize the look and the feel of your feed the way you want.

Why to host my feed with Feedoor?
  • Your Feed will be cached: which means no more overload/expensive bandwidth, feeds will be cached for 60 minutes and of course you can always refresh them from your members area.
  • Feedoor will maintain and serve your feed with the best format.
  • Feedoor will record every hit received, this will give you a good idea about your feed behavior.
  • With Feedoor you can track your Feed's subscribers numbers and clients.
Feedoor.com gives you the power to create your own TV station by adding media files from different web sources (like youtube.com) to your feed then call your media page "http://feed-name.feedoor.com/media".

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