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Friday, October 05, 2007

befunky : Funky Ways to Express Yourself

befunky.com is all about expressing yourself in a funky way. If you are a member of some online forum or community or probably a part of some social networking site, then you may have idea how to express your self in a different way using photo or avatars. And thats what this site is doing for you. People can express themselves by changing their photos into cartoons and drawings.

Site provides two applications which will allow the user to create self-expressions.

The first one was “Cartoonizer” where the user re-creates images/videos by turning into digital paintings, cartoons and comics in just a few seconds without downloading any tool.

The second one was Uvatar (coming from avatar where u represents “You”) which features an exact illustrated representation of its owner. The concept emerged from the absence of real self expressions in avatar products. The places where you try to make the avatar look like yourself.

Note that you have to be member to use this service.

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