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Saturday, September 29, 2007

HowToDoThings.Com Solves People’s Everyday Problems

HowToDoThings.Com strives to solve people’s everyday problems by compiling reliable information from experienced contributors and making it available to inexperienced readers. It’s simple: It's a community sharing the expertise to solve people’s problems.

"HowToDoThings is a site that solves people’s problems. Whatever the issue, we know that there’s someone out there who has personal or professional experience in that area. We want to compile everyone’s expertise in one place, so that the solutions to millions of problems are easy to find and, more importantly, trustworthy.

We review and edit your contributor applications and articles, write HowToDoThings articles ourselves and interact with our visitors via email every day. We strive to offer our readers informative, engaging articles on a wide array of topics and work with our contributors on a daily basis to make sure that happens. You’ll always find us behind the scenes encouraging writers and improving the site." that's what the site says.

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